It was the year 1910. Carlo Tardello travelled from the town of Tolentino in the Marche region of Italy and ended his journey settling in the beautiful hills of Guadamello. He dedicated the rest of his life to farming the land and raising his family. He had 8 children who were all encouraged to love going to school and farming.

Along the years from the 1920s and onwards, the entire estate belonging to Baron Vincenzo Camuccini, including 26 farmhouses and numerous farmsteads, was purchased by some of the descendants of the Tardella family. They wanted to keep the traditional atmosphere of Podere Calledro alive with the modern business touch by creating an agritourism that welcomes guests with pampering accomodation in apartments and a widely varied selection of activities for an enjoyable stay.


The farmstead is located in the heart of a lake-like oasis named San Liberato-Narni on the boundary of the Umbria and Lazio regions. The family still today keep the love for the territory alive with the traditional farming of the land, and in organizing activities, sports and games for those who love the beautiful surroundings that only nature can give.

Guests can enjoy: horseriding lessons with FISE instructors, swimming pool, Mountain Bike excursions, educational courses, airfield for ultralight aeroplanes, Birdwatching and Trekking in the Oasis

Podere Calledro • Oasi di San Liberato • Narni (Tr)

Podere Calledro, Oasi di San Liberato, Narni (Tr) • Tel. +39 331 3538464 / +39 338 9326803