The Calledro Airfield was created for the sake of a passion for flying as a sport by a group of friends who wanted to spread flying know how and flight tourism. The grass covered field has a length of about 630 meters, a QFU 03/21 orientation and is well visible from above thanks to cones, two Hangars, a wind sleeve and a lovely clubhouse to the left of airstrip no. 21. The airstrip is almost always usable regardless of the season due to its excellent draining system. Those who would like to arrive by air can find landing details in the Avioportolano English Italy Edition. The airfield is called “Campo di volo 4 venti Calledro” labelled TR06. More than one air vehicle are allowed to stopover thanks to a large parking area to the NNW side of the airstrip and to an area dedicted to helicopters. Lunch can be arranged through booking.

Available upon request:

  • Airplane and helicopter VDS courses by highly qualified personal, competitive prices and personalized plans
  • Orientation flights with instructors and flight control test

Contact Us:

  • Oasi di San Liberato – 05035 Narni (TR)
  • Emanuela Gubbiotti +39 338 9326803 - +39 331 3538464
  • Massimo Tardella +39 380 6967811

Podere Calledro • Oasi di San Liberato • Narni (Tr)

Podere Calledro, Oasi di San Liberato, Narni (Tr) • Tel. +39 331 3538464 / +39 338 9326803